Features You Need in a Hosting Account

Features You Need in a Hosting Account

When it comes to web hosting there are no shortage of companies to choose from, if you do a Google search for a web hosting company you will get millions of results. Not all companies are created equal nor do they offer all the same features.  So how do you choose?  Here are some of the features you need in a hosting account so make sure the company you choose has all of them.


Price can vary greatly depending on the type of hosting that you need.  Shared hosting will offer the lowest price while a dedicated server will be the most expensive.  Many hosting companies will offer big discounts to get you to sign up or if you pay in advance for several years at a time.  Be very careful to read the fine print before you lock yourself in.

At the same time make sure that whatever company you end up choosing also gives you at least a 14-30 money back guarantee.  Bear in mind that if there is a domain registration fee that is likely not refundable, but the hosting service should offer some satisfaction guarantee.  Understand the refund policy and how you go about cancelling your account.

Feature for Your Hosting Account

Make sure that the hosting account offers all of the features that you need.  For instance is there unlimited emails, how many domains can you host and is there one click installation for programs like WordPress.  Will your host offer all the things you need included in your package.  This is where the differences between hosting companies becomes significant.

Customer Support

First you need to find out what type of support is offered, is it strictly via email or is there chat and phone support too.  Is the technical support department available around the clock or only during business hours?  Most hosting companies will make this information easily available on their website.

Domain Names

Almost all of the big hosting companies will offer you a free domain if you take one of their hosting plans.  In some cases it will be only for the first year and with others they will extend the domain as long as you keep your hosting account with them.  Once again read the fine print, and be cautious some hosting companies will charge you a fortune when it comes time to renew your domain after the first year.

Bandwidth Usage

This is one of the more important features you need to look at especially if you’re expecting your site to have a fair amount of traffic.  The last thing you need is for your site to crash because of too many visitors.  Some companies will offer unlimited bandwidth while others will charge you if you use too much.  Double check to make sure where your hosting company stands on bandwidth.